The Mercedes SLK goes diesel

Sexy – Check!

Sporty – Check!

Fun – Check!

Fuel-efficient – Check!

No, we’re not talking about woman’s dream man. (We had you up until fuel-efficient didn’t we?) We are describing the new diesel Mercedes SLK. With diesel gas lasting oodles longer than petrol, not only are you conserving the environment by topping up your tank less often, but you’re also saving yourself money in the long run. Double brownie points for the new SLK then! In regards to the car itself… well we have been lusting after each generation of the SLK since the first generation was launched back in 1996. With the third and latest generation launched this year, the SLK is back at the top of our fantasy sexy car list.

Cheeky fact: SLK derives from the company’s design motivation to create a car that is sporty, light and short: ‘Sportlich, Leicht und Kurtz’ in German.