Toyota bZ4X concept has been unveiled

Toyota bZ4X concept has been unveiled

Toyota has unveiled its all-new bZ4X at the Shanghai Motor Show, previewing the first in a series of zero-emission battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

The bZ4X is a medium-size SUV with an all-wheel-drive and shows Toyota’s transition from being a pure car company to a manufacturer dedicated to delivering better mobility for everyone.

The SUV has been developed by Toyota Motor Corporation in partnership with Subaru Corporation, showing the specific skills and experience of each company.

Toyota bZ4X concept has been unveiled

It is more than just transport. It is comfortable and spacious, enough for anyone to enjoy on a road trip.

Chief Engineer Koji Toyoshima explains: “Our target customer is someone who places importance on time spent together with family and friends. When they want to enjoy such times, Toyota bZ4X Concept can serve as a hub for them.”

Exterior design:

The front-end design has a familiar grille and has features including sensors, lights, and aero elements, giving it a unique look on the road and attitude.

Spacious cabin:

Its long wheelbase and short overhangs show how spacious and open the cabin is. The rear leg room is said to be similar to a large D-segment model.

The front of the cabin is designed with a ‘drive module’ which allows the driver to have a sense of direct connection to the road and to other important information.

The low instrument panel shows panoramic visibility. All controls are grouped together around the centre console designed for easy operation and recognition.

The driver’s instrument display is above the steering wheel, so no need for maximum eye movement to register any necessary information.

Toyota bZ4X concept has been unveiled

Battery management: 

The car operates via an onboard solar charging system which enhances distance. The larger, more powerful battery needed for the Toyota bZ4X Concept has been engineered for reliability, lasting performance and maintains the car’s driving range, even in cold weather conditions.

High all-wheel-drive capability:

The all-wheel drive system which delivered by electric motors on the front and rear axles, developed with Subaru. Toyota and Subaru combined together deliver the best all-wheel-drive capability that sets the Toyota bZ4X concept apart in its segment.

The system gives genuine off-road capability, providing extra security and puts the driver at ease in all-road conditions.

Starting 20 years ago with the launch of the Prius, the worlds first hybrid electric car, the bZ4X Concept is one of the reasons Toyota’s journey to achieve zero emissions is becoming a success.

Toyota bZ signals how Toyota is looking beyond zero emissions when it comes to future mobility. The manufacturer wants to create products and services that may enhance driving pleasure, connected experience, keep all road users safe and protected, creating a better society globally.

To achieve this, Toyota has explored a wide range of electrified technologies, to suit the demands of different markets and types of vehicle use – HEVs, PHEVs, FCEVs and BEVs.

Toyota bZ4X concept has been unveiled

Electrified vehicle: 

By 2025, Toyota looks at offering 70 electrified vehicles in its global portfolio, including at least 15 battery electric vehicles.

Locally, Toyota South Africa is committed to supporting the transition to alternative propulsion vehicles while expanding their Hybrid portfolio introducing Hybrid variants of mainstream models.

The development of mild-hybrid variants (MHEV) within selected LCV and SUV model ranges and should help vehicle efficiency and in turn, bridge the gap to Toyota’s electric models.

Picture/s: Motorpress