Woman clings to hood of car in attempts to rescue stolen puppy

A woman in Texas, located in the US, is accused of stealing a $10 000 dog and driving for more than a kilometre as a pet store employee clung to the hood of her car. A video was captured by a fellow employee, which shows Alize James hanging on for dear life as the sedan attempts to make a getaway.

“I was hanging on for dear life,” James told NBC affiliate KPRC of Houston.

According to James, she was working her shift at Bully Kamp when a couple came in and made a show of discussing the various financing options for purchasing the exotic bully puppy. When James stepped away for a moment, the couple grabbed the dog and made a swift exit.

The employee tried to stop the thieving pair as they hopped into a sedan to make a getaway, but the car accelerated and James was thrown onto the hood as a result. She remained on the hood until the vehicle slowed down, and was punched by the male passenger and thrown off the car.

“I could barely hold on,” she said. “I was so scared.”

Watch the video here:

Picture: Screenshot from video