World’s longest electric car drift completed by Porsche

World's longest electric car drift done by Porsche

A new Guinness World Record for the world’s longest drift by an electric vehicle was set by German driving instructor Dennis Retera in a Porsche Taycan.

Retera drifted the Taycan for just under an hour and for 42.1km.

“It was very tiring for me to keep my concentration high for 210 laps, especially as the irrigated asphalt of the drift circuit does not provide the same grip everywhere,” Retera said to Car and Driver. 

“I concentrated on controlling the drift with the steering—this is more efficient than using the accelerator pedal and reduces the risk of spinning.”

The drift equals 210 laps on the 200 metre-long drift circle over 55 minutes, while maintaining an average speed of 46 km/h over the 42.171 km covered, says Porsche.

Watch the epic drift go down:

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