Your Samsung Galaxy S21 may be your new car key

Your Samsung Galaxy S21 may be your new car key

Samsung has announced plans to reinterpret the car key at their global Unpack event, showing off their latest innovations.

A new digital car key will be part of the Galaxy S21 smartphone and hopes to make vehicle function a permanent part of its phone series.

The digital key will have the ability to unlock and lock a car to stop Galaxy S21 owners from having to fumble around with their car keys. In addition to working automatically upon approaching a vehicle, Samsung says users will be able to easily share their digital key with friends and family. In other words, a few taps from a Galaxy S21 and someone you trust can borrow your car for the time being.

While the cellphone manufacturer has not yet given too many details on the project, it is believed to be working with car manufacturers such as Audi, Genesis, BMW and Ford.

Picture: Samsung