How To Survive The Notorious Cape Town N2

Ladies, if your car is smoking or your tyre is flat – keep driving. Do not stop for anything!

Cape Town’s notorious N2 is a dangerous place to be and it seems that hardly a week goes by without a tragic incident taking place. The City of Cape Town has issued a number of warnings to motorists travelling on the N2, urging them not to stop their vehicles if they can help it due to the high risk of criminal activity taking place in the area.

In fact hijackings and stone throwing incidents on the N2 have become so prevalent that motorists are better off avoiding this route completely. This is of course a sure way to survive the N2, but if you have no choice but to travel this road, we would like to urge our readers to take note of the following important tips that could save your life…

Tips to survive Cape Town’s notorious N2
  • Always plan your trip ahead of time. Know exactly where you are going and know which exits, garages and nearest emergency centres are available along the route.
  • Make sure that your car is in tip-top shape before heading out on the N2. Check that your tyres inflated to the correct pressure, that your oil and water levels are good-to-go and that you have enough fuel to last you for any unexpected detours.
  • Avoid travelling alone and try to stick with the flow of traffic. Don’t wonder away from other motorists on the road.
  • Travel in daylight and avoid the early hours of the morning and late night driving.
  • NEVER EVER STOP on the side of the road unless your vehicle forces you to. Ladies, if your car is smoking – keep driving! If your tyre is flat – keep driving! We cannot stress the importance of not stopping on the side of the road enough. Criminals are actively targeting motorists who have broken down, so if you need to drive on the rim of your wheel, then you do exactly that!
  • Stay focused! While you should NEVER drive when you’re distracted, this is possibly the worst place of all. Be alert at all time and take note of any unusual activity or obstacles in the road.
  • The all-hours number to call for assistance from the City of Cape Town is 021 480 7700 and Western Cape Provincial Traffic 021 946 1646.

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