A real friend doesn't let you drive drunk

It’s time to wake up to the fact that drinking and driving is NOT cool…

Let’s be honest, driving drunk is probably one of the most irresponsible things you could do. While South African’s are slowly waking up to this fact, thanks to the hundreds of campaigns and general awareness out there, we all know of someone who still breaks the rules and gets behind the wheel after one too many a drink.

Despite efficient and convenient transport alternatives such as Uber, drinking and driving is still a major problem in our country while it contributes to a large percentage of our road accident and death toll rate. Harsher penalties for driving under the influence are there to help curb the amount of drunk road users, yet every Monday we see plenty of news reports about accidents and fatalities that occurred over the weekend due to drunk driving.

So what can YOU do?

How many times have you been out for drinks with friends, a Tinder date, colleagues or family, knowing that they’d be driving home over the limit? Perhaps what’s more important to ask is, “did you do anything about it?” Sure, no one likes to be a vibe-kill but if potentially saving that person’s life (and others on the road) by insisting they don’t get behind the wheel is less important to you, then you’re part of the problem.

Reality Check: It’s time to wake up to the fact that drinking and driving is NOT cool, and to start caring more about your friends and those who choose to drive drunk. Share an Uber together, plan your night better so that no one needs to drive, or get a designated driver. There are so many alternatives out there and they’re cheaper than bail and potentially life-saving. It’s worth emotionally investing in the well-being of not only someone you care about, but the lives of others on the road. Think of it as your contribution to the human-race and help keep drunk drivers off the road.

Ways to get home without drunk driving

Plan and clarify

Before the first drink is ordered or poured, make sure your friend has made an alternative plan to get home. This also means that you can party your heart out without the worry of feeling responsible for your friend at the end of the night.


There are loads of taxi services available, but when it comes to convenience and affordability your best bet is Uber.

If your friend doesn’t have Uber, you can still order one for him/her from your account and pat yourself on the back at the end of the night for being a great friend.

Designated driver 

If both of you are drinking, phone a friend or family member to collect you and if you’re worried about leaving your car on the road overnight, ask your sober friend to bring another sober friend to drive the other car home. Make them breakfast in the morning and offer to return the favour one day.

Be a good friend

There’s a lot you can do to stop a drunk friend from getting behind the wheel. Get over the idea that you might feel ‘uncool’ by telling them not to and become a trend setter by setting example and showing you care. Steal their car keys, demand that you both leave and continue drinking at home, do what you must, but be assertive and make a point of not tolerating drunk driving.

Safe travels…