Three important car maintenance tips

Three important car maintenance tips that many vehicle owners tend to overlook…

If you want to keep your car in tip top shape, car maintenance is at the top of your priority list. Some car maintenance tips may seem obvious, yet so many of us overlook regular services and basic checks.

Here are three important car maintenance tips to keep in mind…

1. Check your tyre pressure

Underinflated tyres are a road hazard people tend to overlook. Heat builds up faster in a tyre when it’s underinflated and could cause a tyre to burst. Underinflated tyres also reduce your grip on the road and increase fuel consumption. Tyre pressure should be checked on every second or third visit to the garage – and don’t forget to have your spare wheel checked too. You can find the recommended pressure in your vehicle manufacturer’s guide.

2. Fix chips in your windscreen

Tiny chips in a windscreen usually end up at the bottom of the priority list but it’s better to fix them straight away. Any dramatic change in temperature could cause a chip or crack to run and once it gets bigger you’ll need to replace the whole windscreen – which, depending on the car you drive, could set you back between R1 500 and R4 000. Even a small crack on the driver’s side is dangerous because light reflecting off it could make it difficult to see.

3. Take charge of a tyre change

When you’re having a tyre changed, ask the mechanic to tighten the nuts with a torque wrench instead of an air gun. An air gun tends to over tighten nuts, which can make them impossible to remove – and they might get stripped during your next change, which would cost you.