Tips for driving on the N2 near Cape Town International airport

This is for everyone’s own safety

After the recent incidences regarding N2 hijackings near Cape Town International Airport, we have received an urgent message to warn all drivers to either stay clear of the area, or follow these tips:

Travellers are being warned of the modus operandi being used by these alleged hijackers:

– Do not drive over any cardboard boxes or plastic bags left in the middle of the road as these could contain cement or rocks and cause serious damage to the car.

– As the driver you are then forced to pull over, putting yourself at risk of ambush alongside the road.

– Additionally, road users are advised to be especially careful during poor visibility or after dark.

1. Always drive in the right hand lane.

2. Never, ever stop on the N2, drive on your cars rims if you have to, but keep going until you see a petrol station or a public place to stop.

3. Don’t rely on help from the Saps or the Metro cops while an apparent shortage of officers on the N2 is evident.

4. Fit anti-hijacking smash and grab coatings to all your car windows.

5. Plan the route you are going to take well ahead of time to avoid becoming distracted on the road.

6. Load all the Cape Town crew cellphone numbers and emergency numbers into your phone.

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