Women join hands to influence road safety

Naturally being the more caring, nurturing, cautious and (we argue) powerful of the sexes, we women want the roads of South Africa – and the world – to be safer. Driving is the most dangerous form of transportation and car accidents happen everyday. So why not join the female crusaders of the ‘Woman in Road Safety’ movement?  Simply join the Facebook group and you can be part of a group of women raising awareness for the safety of our roads.

The group is run by a committee of ladies who are, in one way or another, involved in the motoring field and are dedicated to raising awareness of road safety issues and educating new and established drivers about safe driving. Membership of Women in Road Safety is open to all women throughout South Africa. The group’s spokesperson is top female motor racer Clare Vale.

Women are incredibly influential as mothers, sisters, wives, teachers, aunts and friends. We’re naturally equipped to use this power to change behaviour in a positive way.  Your job as a part of this community would be to influence those around you to be more cautious drivers: make the risks and dangers of driving known. Being a good Samaritan has never been so easy and rewarding!