3 things to include in your Easter holiday road trip

What do your Easter holiday road trip plans include?

The Easter break affords most South Africans the time to get away to have their batteries recharged. For some, planning for the upcoming holidays only happens at the eleventh hour. Camp Master has simplified the Easter holiday planning process and made it easier for you with their extensive range of camping and outdoor gear, enabling you to unplug and play. Camp Master encourages worn-out South Africans to detach from everyday life and truly relax during the holidays. Simply put, this means to disconnect from your phone, laptop and other devices to connect with your family and friends over relaxing activities this Easter period. Camp Master encourages people to be present in real life discussions, or to go out and do something memorable with loved ones.

Here are just a few ideas courtesy of Camp Master which encourages you to Unplug and Play:

Go camping

Our advice is, if you are going to a place where there is no booking system in place, try to get there as early as you can – either Thursday or very early on the morning of Good Friday, because traffic won’t make life any easier.

Make sure you have an Instant 1000 tent which fits up to ten people. It can be setup in seconds with its built-in poles. Simply lift and click the poles into place and you are good to go. Also check out Camp Master’s camping gear which will simplify the planning and packing process. They have quite an impressive inflatable air bed in queen size for the discerning glamper in your family.

Take whatever food and drinks you think is a must for the trip too…just in case, the local store you counted on is closed over the Easter period. There is a range of big and colourful cooler boxes available from Camp Master. These will keep your drinks and your fruits cooler for longer.

You can stock up all the medication you think you might need. You can’t plan for every contingency – stuff happens, but with children involved, do take pain medications and stock up your Camp Master first aid kit which is available from selected Makro Stores.

Picnic at your favourite park

When setting up your picnic, remember to keep it simple. Take the Camp Master 4-person picnic set to pack your lightweight crockery and the very comfortable Aluminium Reclining Chairs. There’s also an impressive colourful Camp Junior Adventure Chair range available in pink and blue. Set up your Central Lock Gazebo for shade. It has a central locking mechanism so it is easy to set up and only requires one person. Keep your 16 Can Hardbody Cooler bag chilled by placing frozen drinks in the base. These will make for cool refreshments later on in the day. Also, take a stash of plastic bags to help keep litter at bay. Lastly, decide on the menu and have a feast!


Hiking is one of the best and fun ways to kill two birds with one stone. The birds? Getting a great workout in as well as some sightseeing done. Make sure you pack your 20 litre foldable backpack from Camp Master, put on your favourite hiking gear and start your journey. Nothing beats the view from the mountain top.

No matter what you decide to do this Easter, don’t forget the chocolate. Host an Easter egg hunt. This will keep the kids entertained and out of your hair for a while. Children love it, and are impressed by the Bunny’s ingenuity too! It is Easter after all!

Make sure you leave all devices switched off. We guarantee that this holiday will become a memorable one if you decide to Unplug and Play.

For more info visit Camp Master.