Buying a pre-loved car through Best Price For My Car and RCS Car Finance

Buying a pre-loved car just got a whole lot easier

You’re in the market to buy or sell a car but the anxiety is real; to start, there’s dealing with a complete stranger on the Internet, and then that awkwardness of real life. Firstly, how do you transfer that much money between two strangers safely? Secondly, you may need financing, and how do you even do that when it comes to a private sale? And then there’s all the licensing, roadworthy admin and paperwork required for transferal of ownership.

Don’t lose money on the sale

Nine times out of ten, selling a car privately means you’re getting a better deal than a trade-in or direct sale with a dealership, but they are more convenient and you get your cash, which is why we continue to use them. The same goes for buying a car. You know the dealership is making a pretty penny from the transaction, but the safety concerns around a private sale means we’ll most likely end up in a dealership anyway. It doesn’t need to play out like this, there are other avenues like RCS Car Finance and their partner Best Price For My Car where you can sell your car privately, 100% safe and – bonus – there’s no admin involved.

Selling? As easy as going online

Best Price For My Car is a revolutionary, safe way to buy or sell a car privately. Did we mention it’s easy too? Simply go to the Best Price For My Car website, create an account and you’re on your way. Download the app (by Fonk CT), walk to your car and scan your South African licence disc for verification. You’ll be required to confirm your car’s details. Best Price For My Car does some research for pricing while you confirm as many details as possible to make the process quick and easy. Afterwards, you get three offers of GOOD, BETTER and BEST, and you decide which offer works for you.

Buying: Click-click, it’s yours

Need financing for your car purchase, but how do you even go about getting it? Easy. RCS Car Finance is the preferred financial partner for Best Price For My Car. Browse through the website selection of Dekra-certified cars for sale. Once you’ve found your new car, click ‘View details’ and fill in the ‘I’m interested’ form. If you need to finance the car, RCS Car Finance will finance the transaction for you, with interest rates starting from prime. Apply for finance here, it’s easy.

Second options

Best Price For My Car is not only for buying and selling cars, through RCS Car Finance they can help you refinance your current car to a shorter term or better interest rate. If you ticked the residual payment option on your current car and you need to finance the final step to complete ownership, you can talk to them too. And all of this can be done online. Simply enter the details of your car under the ‘Finance’ menu and they’ll call you back with options, so you don’t even need to use your own airtime.

Are you currently looking to buy a car? Do you want RCS to help you find, check and finance your car? 


RCS is a registered credit and authorized FSP. NCRCP38/FSP44481

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 lockdown it will not be possible for RCS Car Finance to assess and test a pre-loved car for you or deliver a vehicle. You will be able to start your RCS Car Finance application and see how much finance you could qualify for, and the rest of the safe, easy process will take place at a later date.


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