5 Car crash scams that you should be aware of!

you will be the one paying for it in the long run!

Car crash scams involve a scammer or con-artist causing an accident, for which you are blamed. The scammer will then claim for damages or abuse the situation in order to get some kind of financial reward.

The scammer may even be working with auto repair shops or mechanics in order to incorrectly reflect the costs incurred to their vehicle. They then pocket the difference between what it actually costs and what the incorrect statement reflects.

Your insurance company would more than likely be the one covering the costs, but either way your insurance premiums will increase as a result of this. Meaning that you will be the one paying for it in the long run!

Take a look below for the most common types of these scams and how they work!

1. ‘Crash for Cash’ scams

Also known as the ‘swoop and squat’ or the ‘forced rear ending’. This scam involves a situation in which you find yourself driving behind a slow moving vehicle. You are forced to slow down, but then the car behind you speeds up and overtakes both of you.

The overtaking car will then brake quickly and forces the car in front of you into an emergency stop, which can often result in you hitting the back of this vehicle.

This type of scam is reported to be the most common staged accident, but it can be quite easily avoided. Make sure you always leave enough room between you and the car in front of you.

Car crash scams - crash for cash

2. ‘False Merge’ scams

This involves a situation where you are trying to merge onto the highway, or busy road. The scammer will slow down and gesture for you to go ahead.

As you begin to enter the lane, the scammer then takes his foot off the brake and accelerates forward.

You then hit into him/her and are blamed for the accident as you are the person merging.

Car crash scams - crash for cash

3. ‘Bad Samaritan’ scams

This scam may take place following a car accident, or could even be done in conjunction with one of the above scams.

This involves the scammer approaching you after an accident, offering their help. The scammer will advise you to go to a certain lawyer, medical facility or even say they’re from an insurance company.

These are all fake and the scam is aimed at getting your insurance information in order to file false insurance claims using your data.

car crash scams - bad samaritan

4. ‘Non-Insurance’ scams

This may involve the driver of the other car involved in the accident, approaching you and offering to forget about the whole thing in exchange for a cash offer.

In this scenario their car has most likely already been damaged or even stolen and you end up losing the cash you paid him.

5. ‘Manoeuvring’ scams

These involve situations in which you are forced into a situation where you can’t avoid hitting someone. A car in front of you could suddenly stop, or a car slams into you after you legally go through a green light or stop sign. Or a vehicle pulls out in front of you, while another car pulls up next to you – not allowing you to swerve.

Most of these will involve multiple drivers and more often than not a ‘false witness’. This individual will lie and say that you went through a red light or stop street and that the accident was your fault.

Car crash scams intersecion

I think the key to avoiding one of these scams, is to always pay attention and be aware of your surroundings. Don’t let yourself be distracted by mobile devices and make sure you keep a safe following distance behind the car in front of you. Only enter lanes when you feel you are safe to do so!

Source: Businesstech