Clever car tips and tricks for busy moms these school holidays

Ways to stop the kids from driving you mad in the car these holidays…

Being a mother comes with many responsibilities. From preparing meals to getting the kids ready for school, we can all agree that it’s no easy task.

Many parents spend quite a lot of time in their cars – so, these hacks from MiWay Insurance will go a long way to help keep busy moms organised and stress-free, especially during the school holidays.

Pack snacks

Children get hungry more often than adults do because their stomachs are smaller. This means they fill up faster and burn energy quicker. Also, if you promised them a yoghurt for dessert, they will be sure to remind you about it straight after eating their meal. To keep the hunger pains at bay, pack a few on-the-go treats like yoghurt, fruit, nuts or sandwiches to avoid making stops at stores.

Use a shoe bag to organise your children’s belongings

Hang a shoe bag behind your car seat and use it to put your children’s toys, nappies, clothes or any other essentials they might need. It’s a great way to keep the things you need organised and easily within reach.

Make your own bin for the car

Hang a plastic bag or brown paper bag in your car using a stick-on hook. This will keep all the trash in one place as opposed to it being all over your car. This system will make cleaning up easier and help to ensure your children don’t throw any rubbish out of the window.

Use silicone cupcake liners to keep your cup holders clean

Place a reusable cupcake liner in your cupholders to catch any spills. With this method you’ll never have to worry about caked or sticky cupholders again – it’s that simple.

Cover your floor mats with newspaper during bad weather

Doing this will ensure that dirt in your car is kept to a minimum and cleaning up afterwards will be a breeze.

Play music your children will enjoy

Good music can put anyone in a great mood. So, play some songs you know your children love to make trips in the car more fun. Even if you’re tired of listening to ‘Baby Shark’ for the umpteenth time, remember, if they can sing along to fun nursery rhymes, they won’t be restless on the road.

Keep a first aid kit in the car

Emergencies can happen when we least expect it. When it comes to disaster planning, first aid kits are essential because they provide necessary supplies to treat most injuries. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

When you travel with your family, have peace of mind knowing that wherever you go, your car insurance policy will protect you on the road. Apply for an insurance quote and save money every month so you can start living your way.