Cut Commuting Costs and Time

You may love the lights, buzz and choice of cocktail bars that city life offers, but unfortunately it also brings frustration in the form of stress-inducing traffic. Here are two ways to beat it.

1. Car Pooling

Setting up a lift club means you will have someone to keep you company on your commute. You’ll also save on fuel costs and on wear and tear on your vehicle. Most cars have only one occupant, which is one of the causes of South Africa’s high traffic volumes, so it makes sense to share lifts to work.

If you have a desk job and you don’t need to move around during office hours, car pooling is an idea worth considering. But if the thought of having to make small talk every day makes you cringe, rather consider having a lift club only two or three times a week.

2. Flexitime

A full-time job often means there is no avoiding rush-hour traffic, unless you can negotiate flexitime, arriving earlier or leaving later. Whether your request is granted will depend on your employer and the type of industry you’re in. Usually sales and marketing people can’t get flexitime, because their jobs require them to be available during regular working hours. Working from home also relieves traffic headaches but requires you to have a laptop and to be easily accessible when needed.

Some employees offer to give up their lunch break so they can knock off at 3pm; others start work at 7am in order to miss the traffic rush. It’s best to discuss your options with your employer.