How to save R15 000 a year in fuel

Smart driving could increase your fuel economy by as much as 40%…

We can’t help the cost of fuel, but we can help the way we burn it. The way you drive has a big impact on the amount of fuel you use, but a few changes can help save you at the pump. In fact, according to the Department of Energy in the US, smart driving could increase your fuel economy by as much as 40%, so, if you fill up 48 times in a year at R800 per tank, you could save more than R15 000 a year.

So, how do we improve and change our driving habits to save fuel and costs? Here are our top tips:

Keep your tyres aligned and inflated

Tyre maintenance includes keeping your tyres to the correct inflation levels and making sure that they’re regularly aligned and balanced. Bad tyre maintenance causes your vehicle to work harder than usual, which uses more fuel and is also a hazard when driving on the road.

Rev Right

Keep your revs low. In petrol cars it is better to shift up a gear at 2 500 revs, and 2 000 in diesel cars. Getting into fifth gear (and sixth if possible) sooner rather than later can help you optimise your fuel consumption.

Mechanical Sympathy

Take it easy on the peddles. Keep acceleration slow and smooth – there’s no need to be a hero at the traffic lights, and speeding is a big NO NO!

Take It Easy On The AirCon

It is considered a myth by some, but according to airconco.com using your aircon can increase fuel consumption ny 8-10%. “If it comes to decision of air con vs open window, it is more economical to open your windows up to speeds of around 88 km/hour as running the a/c at low engine speed creates extra stress and demand resulting in increased fuel consumption.”