FixMyRide - a simple way to get your car fixed

Finding a reputable workshop or service centre can be a tiresome task…

Keeping up with regular services and repairs to your car can become a tiresome task if you haven’t yet found a reputable workshop or service centre. It can also become pretty costly if you don’t take time to do your homework and find a reliable place that suits your budget.

FixMyRide assists motorists with free, easy and convenient quotations from a network of reputable providers. It’s a quick and simple way to compare quotes and service delivery of workshops and service centres in your chosen area.

“We remove the hassle and time taken to get the best quote for fixing and servicing your car. And this luxury of convenience, choice and potential cost savings, can be enjoyed by the click of a button!”

How does it work?

It takes four simple steps to Get It Fixed…

FixMyRide has a selection of service providers that specialise in General Servicing, Repairs and Panel Beating.

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