Here's what to do if you're involved in a car accident over the holidays

Certain details and information are essential for you to have ready and to note down in the event of an accident…

It’s impossible to be fully prepared or ready for an accident but the reality is that with such a high road accident count, it could happen to anyone. If and when it does, the shock, adrenaline and overwhelming emotions can get the better of anyone and prevent you from remembering some important information.

Certain details and information are essential for you to have ready and to note down in the event of an accident.

The AA suggests the following important details to remember:

Be Prepared with Roadside Assistance Insurance

Having access to the best roadside assistance should be your first step towards being prepared for an accident. This is easily handled with AA road side assistance.

Our emergency road side assistance provides you with the best possible support in the case of an accident. And, in other cases, such as a mechanical failure or tyre blowout, you can rest assured that our roadside assistance won’t leave you stranded.

With access to tows, tyre changes, alternative transport, and overnight accommodation, AA’s emergency road side assistance is definitely the finest roadside assistance South Africa has available.

Details You Need to Provide Following an Accident

If you have AA roadside assistance, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your car will be looked after following an accident. Now, all you need is the knowledge of which details you will have to provide.

Firstly, you need to remain at the scene of the accident. Driving away quickly or failing to stop at all is a criminal offence.

Once stopped, you need to provide the other driver, or drivers, involved with your name and address and your vehicle registration number. You might also be required to provide any police officers on the scene with the same information.

After you have provided this information to the necessary parties, you will need to go to the nearest police station and report the accident. You will also need to report it to your insurer.

Roadside Assistance is a Must

If your car isn’t able to drive away from the scene of the accident, you will need help. Here is where having the best roadside assistance is invaluable.

As mentioned, AA’s roadside assistance insurance provides you with everything you need to ensure that both you and your car are treated in the best possible way after an accident.

It’s impossible to predict when you might be involved in an accident, but, by making sure that you’re completely prepared, you can make the situation a great deal less traumatic.