How With WOW: practical space

Part of a series, we bring you a short tutorial video on how to get more practical space in Volkswagen’s new T-Cross

Dynamite comes in smaller packages; a better phrase could not be ascribed to Volkswagen’s new T-Cross, with small SUV proportions on the outside and plenty of space on the inside.

Although it may look compact, the T-Cross has plenty of space on the inside for a family. Luggage space ranges from 377 to 455 litres, easily fitting a child’s bicycle, small bag, picnic basket and pram for the days out and about. If you need a smidgen of extra space for the goods collected along the way, simply slide the rear seat forward by 14cm, creating extra boot space, and your passengers will still have enough legroom in the second row. Larger items from the hardware store and nursery (for those DIY projects inspired by Pinterest) can be packed into the vehicle without resorting to Tetris tactics, thanks to the split folding rear seats opening up 1 281 litres (a lot) of storage space, unsurpassed by any other small SUV in this segment.

The T-Cross has storage-compartment bins throughout the interior; the largest two include the central storage bin and cubbyhole. Each door can store a 1-litre bottle easily – perfect for keeping hydrated in the summer months or on road trips.

The optional keyless entry checkbox should receive a ‘tick’ from anyone purchasing a T-Cross. It’s not just a practical function, it’s a passive-safety feature too, particularly at night. Sensors detect the key’s proximity to the vehicle, allowing the occupant to unlock the door by pulling the handle and starting the T-Cross without removing the key from a pocket or bag, where it’s made best friends with a hair clip and they’re hiding out together.

Nothing is too much to ask of the T-Cross, whether it’s days at the beach, long weekends spent road-tripping, or carrying large loads – it’s all done with ease.

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