Old tyres have created a mountain of a problem. Here are a few innovative things being done about it.

Many landfill sites don’t accept tyres for disposal, so large numbers are dumped in open spaces or burnt to recover the steel content – polluting the air in the process. Tyre recycling is now being encouraged worldwide and some companies are working on tyres that take less petroleum to manufacture.

  • Pirelli recently launched the first eco-friendly tyre for SUVs. It’s made of aromatic oil-free materials and it lowers fuel consumption by up to 3,9% in the case of city driving.
  • Yokohama is working on a tyre that consists of 85% citrus oil (and 15% petroleum-based material). The oil is extracted from orange rinds discarded by the citrus industry. The tyre won’t be on the market for some time, but the sooner the better: it’s hoped it will decrease the use of petroleum in the tyre industry by 80%.