Renewing your car licence online

Quick, easy and no need to stand in a queue

We’re all going to be stuck at home for the next three weeks, might as well use the hours we’d normally spend in traffic and catch up on personal admin. Top of that list is licensing our car. Except now in light of the lockdown, going out to license a car seems risky and not exactly up there with the urgent need. The good news is that you can now renew your car licence online.

I’ve lost the notice of renewal

It happens to the best of us, we place it somewhere ‘safe’ and then the paperwork gets moved or we forget where exactly ‘safe’ was in that particular moment of placing it. The good news is you can register on the National Traffic Information Service or NaTIS website and download the Notice of Renewal piece of paper through the Vehicle Renewals portal. This piece of paper has all your vehicle particulars already on it, no need to fill in any forms and can be used to fill out your online application for renewal.

Western Cape

The Western Cape government has an online portal to renewal vehicle licenses. Register on the platform and follow the simple instructions below.

Renew car online | vehicle licence | Western Cape government

Renew Online

Currently only servicing the vehicles registered and licensed in Gauteng. If you live in this area registering with Renew Online gives you the option to pay your car licence online and have it delivered for a small fee. They charge R95 admin fee per vehicle renewed and R100 delivery express fee. The company appears to have formed an affiliation with several Spar stores in Gauteng where you have the ability to go in and pay for your car licence renewal.

Licence ZA

As with the previous two websites Licence ZA requires registration on its platform, you can link all the licences for the vehicles you own and they’ll remind you when it’s time to renew them. Licence ZA sends an invoice for you to pay, once paid they obtain your new car licence and deliver it countrywide. Gauteng residents pay R180 excluding VAT for their services. If you run a fleet of cars they negotiate a deal that works for you.

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Grace period

If your car licence has just expired don’t panic, it’s important to remember that there is a 21-day grace period for which you won’t be billed for late payment.


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