3 ways to getting the best value for your car when you sell

How to ensure you get a car’s value when selling

When you sell your car it’s important to get the best value for it otherwise you cheat yourself out of money – which could affect the budget you have to buy your next car. Luckily these 3 ways to getting the best value for your car will make sure it goes for a market-related price:

1. Keep your car roadworthy

Keeping your car roadworthy is key to getting the right price when selling it. This includes regular services and trips to the car wash. Keeping the inside as well as the outside of your car in top condition is ideal. Any buyer will be happy to see that you’ve kept up with regular maintenance. For example, a scratch on your car could take off at least R10 000 from the value of your car when trading in.

2. Understanding your car’s value

Sometimes what you want to get for your car is not necessarily what you will get at the end of the day. Having a comprehensive knowledge of your car’s make, model, running condition and owner history is helpful when managing your expectations on what you can sell your car for.

3. Do the research and compare

Don’t be in a rush to sell your car – rather do the research and know what you’re getting yourself into. Take the time to browse online and see what cars similar to yours are selling for. This will give you a clearer idea and give you an edge with other car sellers. Ask a dealer what they would offer you for your car and compare this to what you could get if you sold privately, you’re likely to get more if you sell your car privately.

If the thought of engaging with a stranger and transacting with them scares you, you’re not alone, many women in particular find this daunting. For peace of mind when selling your car, choose a partner that can help handle the daunting parts for you. RCS Car Finance together with their partners can take care of everything. They will ensure you are getting a good price for your car, deal with the buyer on your behalf and ensure that you receive your money.

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Please note: Due to the COVID-19 lockdown it will not be possible for RCS Car Finance to assess and test a pre-loved car for you or deliver a vehicle. You will be able to start your RCS Car Finance application and see how much finance you could qualify for, and the rest of the safe, easy process will take place at a later date.


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