The busy woman's guide to buying a new car

Upgrade your ride in a safe and hassle-free way

Between work, friends and family, life is busy, to say the least. Who are these beings who even have the time to flaunt their #SelfcareSunday snaps online? With time being a rare commodity these days, the last thing you need to interfere with your work-life balancing act, is car admin, right? Right!


You’ve just landed your first job. Congrats! Between all the excitement of finding new digs and shopping for a 9-5 wardrobe, you suddenly realise that you’ll probably have to replace that dingy old student car for a more grownup (read: safe) ride. Goodbye rusty, hello trusty! After asking your online community for tips on buying a new car, private car sales seems to be the way to go. Less money to a dealership if you’re buying, and more money in the bank if you’re selling.

Problem? You’ve watched too many crime series to agree to meeting-up with a complete stranger at some random location. Plus, if you have to be honest, you’re not exactly sure what to look and ask for during this meet-and-greet with your potential new ride.

Luckily, RCS Car Finance offers a perfectly safe solution. They only use vetted cars and sellers and will arrange for a third-party technical check (Dekra), plus they’ll deal with the seller on your behalf. Get provisional approval on your Car Finance with RCS today and stay on the safe side.


If you’re a mom, you’re probably reading this in the bathroom – the only place where you (sometimes) get a few precious seconds of alone time. You’re already thinking about tomorrow’s to-do list, wondering how you’re going to fit three kids plus school gear, your dry cleaning and all the décor for a work shoot in your car. The frustration of never having enough space in your ‘mom’s taxi’ has been brewing for a while now.

Problem? Just the thought of finding the time to sort out financing or to visit dealerships simply motivates you to become a more creative packer. If you could just fit the table’s feet neatly in-between the kids’ heads…

RCS Car Finance offers a hassle-free solution that’ll save you time and money. You’ve worked out your budget and decided that a pre-loved SUV will not only fulfill your needs, but leave you with a little extra for your very own #SelfcareSunday treat. Your car is just a click and a call away! RCS Car Finance will guide you through the necessary steps and sort out your financing, plus they’ll deliver your car to you.

Are you currently looking to buy a car? Do you want RCS to help you find, check and finance your car?

RCS is a registered credit and authorised FSP. NCRCP38/FSP44481

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 lockdown it will not be possible for RCS Car Finance to assess and test a pre-loved car for you or deliver a vehicle. You will be able to start your RCS Car Finance application and see how much finance you could qualify for, and the rest of the safe, easy process will take place at a later date.


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