Road trip tips ahead of the holiday season

Road trip tips ahead of the holiday season

It is time to prepare for those memorable road trips with friends or family. To make things easier, here is a list of road trip essentials to make sure this holiday is a fun-filled adventure and not a challenge filled disaster.

For families

Pack toys and a tablet 

Your kid’s favourite toys will serve as a distraction from the monotonous “are we there yet?” mantras. A tablet (no, not the headache kind) will also keep them entertained with their favourite games and cartoons. Surprise them by downloading new content, in addition to their favourites. This means you get to focus on the road and getting to your destination safely.

Check out local attractions

South Africa has many attractions, from caves to waterfalls to incredible wide-open spaces. Make every attraction an adventure. Being a tourist in your own country can be exciting and full of surprises.

Stay COVID-19 safe

COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere. Remember to always keep your masks on when taking a break at rest-stops. Use sanitiser after touching surfaces and wash hands for 20 seconds using soap and water.

For drivers

Plan ahead

Map out your journey. This allows you to plan rest-breaks, snack-breaks and schedule power naps to keep you refreshed for the journey ahead.

Get enough sleep

Well-rested drivers are more alert and focused on the road, and don’t suffer from ‘micro-sleeps’, which can happen when a tired driver dozes off for a few seconds.

Stay hydrated

Caffeine, coffee and energy drinks are useful to keep drivers going. However, they are also diuretic and can cause dehydration, which leads to feeling faint, weak and loss of concentration. Keep water in the car, it’s a healthy source of hydration and it’s energising.

For your car

Clean your car

Nobody likes travelling in a dirty car. Have your car cleaned before the journey and keep a bag on hand to collect rubbish.

Check tyres, windscreen and fluid levels

When filling up your car before leaving, check the tyre pressure. The last thing you need is to unpack the entire boot to get to your spare wheel. Check the fluid levels. If the oil and coolant levels are sufficient, you’ll be set for a hassle-free road trip.

Pack a power bank and a portable jumpstarter

Keep your devices powered up and ready to use. Power banks reduce the need to use your car’s battery power to charge devices, while the portable jumpstarter keeps you going until you find a Battery Centre close by. Remember, charged devices will help you in the case of an emergency or if you need to use your devices’ GPS app. You can get a cool power bank at a nearby Battery Centre when getting your battery tested.


Bonus tip: Have your car battery and alternator checked, for FREE

Check your battery before leaving to prevent unnecessary mishaps on your journey. Visit a Battery Centre near you, they’ll check your car battery and alternator, for free. If your battery needs replacing, they’ll assist with the right battery for your car model. To find a branch close to you, visit


PIcture: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels