WATCH: 79-year old drives F1 car for first time

“My name is Rosemary Smith and my passion in life is driving fast, very fast”

Rosemary Smith, a pioneer for females in motorsport, she broke rules and changed perceptions when she won almost every rally she entered.  We absolutely love her fearless determination to follow her passion in life. To quote Rosemary “passion is something you have because you’re not ever going to succeed unless you have this real passion to do it” and Women On Wheels couldn’t agree more.

Driving an F1 car is one of the most difficult vehicles to do, their clutch systems are tricky, they have so much power that a smooth transition into first gear is enough to make a seasoned F1 driver break out in a cold sweat. Also, have you seen the all buttons on the steering wheel that need to be activated while driving?!

Rosemary broke all the rules and the perceptions again in 2017 at the age of 79-years old by driving a 597 kW F1 car around Circuit Paul Ricard. In case you’re wandering what Rosemary does with her time, she runs a driving school in Ireland.