Remote jamming incident caught on camera in Green Point

This happened to WOW’s editor

You would think that as the editor of Women on Wheels and someone who often writes about car remote jamming that I would know better. But what I have come to realise is that criminals are always one step ahead, no matter how careful you think you are, you can never be careful enough.

Yesterday I needed to pop to the shop for one item. And because it’s convenient, I opted for the Spar next to Ultra Liquors in Green Point, just off Somerset Road. I had just left work and so my laptop was in my boot.

Watch the footage:

I am in the silver Toyota Rav4 that parks at the top right of the screen. On the left of your screen you will see a man in a silver Volkswagen Polo Sedan reverse out of a parking space (he had been waiting in his car for about ten minutes prior to this. He had also been there earlier). As I am about to cross the road he slows down to let me pass. I saw him on his cellphone and thought to say, “Don’t drive while speaking on your phone, ” but quickly walked past. I had a strange feeling and so you will see I turn round to click my remote one last time. This is where I wish I had listened to my gut, turned back to the car and double checked the doors. But “I was just going to be a few minutes.” If only I had known better, oh wait, I do!

A minute or so later you see a man come from the direction of the Spar (bottom right of screen) in white shorts and a blue shirt. He has followed me in to the store to make sure I go in. He then goes to check the doors. The boot was locked as was all the doors except the front driver’s door which he opens, checks the centre console and unlocks the back door. He opens the back door, folds down the back seat and grabs my laptop bag out of it. He casually then strolls off back in the direction of the shop and about 6 seconds later, I walk out of the shop totally unaware.

I have had a weird feeling of late that this was going to happen and so have been really vigilant and aware. This was the day I let my guard down for just a second and I in an instant, I became a statistic.

Please guys, be on the lookout. If you feel something in your gut, stop, turn around and double, triple check. I am not sure where the security guards that were supposed to be there were as this apparently has been a hotspot the past two months, but I should have known better.

And if this does happen to you, please report it! The police can not do anything about if you don’t report it.

This is how easy it is car jamming is.