Speed dating in a Ford Mustang

Speed Dating in a Mustang

A group of unsuspecting men were asked to go on a blind date. Little did they know that the woman they would be meeting was in fact a professional stunt driver in a new Ford Mustang.

This highlights gender stereotyping when it comes to women. In some cases men expect women to be fit certain narratives. Putting on make-up, going to a spa for the day, or a hair salon,  this is not how it works and the video perfectly illustrates that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Women are capable of doing anything and everything their heart desires.  A racetrack or drifting is not only a profession /hobby for men but women too. Imagine going on a date and Mr Know-It-All says’ you do not how to drive, let me take over’ or ‘you shouldn’t even be on the road’.

Most men say that female motorists are a huge risk on the road. Let’s put that statement to rest. Nobody is a perfect driver. An accident can happen anywhere at any time to a man or a woman.

We think more women should become involved in the car scene and not worry about how they will be judged on it. Even if you are not able to work on your own engine or change your own tyre that is okay. Have a pit crew ready to support you.

In the end, you are the one that the spotlight will be on. Burn those tyres in drifting and get those pistons running and race. But overall always focus on yourself and not what other people have to say.