WATCH: man sleeping behind wheel of Tesla in traffic


Caught sleeping in traffic with autopilot

Driverless cars are a hot topic in many news forums at the moment and now we’re seeing more and more bizarre headlines about driverless car owners.

Earlier this month we reported that automated vehicle experts had predicted there’d be a lot more sex behind the wheel once computers were doing the driving.

Other concerns have also been raised about the potential for motorists behind the wheel of driverless cars, such as drinking behind the wheel, and now…sleeping behind the wheel.

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In the video below a man was caught sleeping on the highway while his Tesla handled the traffic. There’s speculation as to whether or not the video could just be a good advert for Tesla, but would Tesla really go so far as to encourage sleeping behind the wheel, even in a driverless car?

One YouTube subscriber commented on the video saying: ‘It’s REAL! It’s on the internet and filmed vertically, definitely real!’ LOL!

The video which was posted to Youtube earlier this week has had over 1 million views!

Source: Youtube