Watch this Volvo XC90 drive over a 430 metre glass bridge

The Volvo XC90 drives over the longest glass bridge in the world before volunteers attempt to crack the bridge with a sledgehammer.

The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon bridge in central China’s Hunan province is expected to open to the public next month. The bridge stretches over 430 metres between two cliffs and is the world’s highest and longest bridge.

To prove its safety and durability volunteers were invited to attempt to crack the bridge with a sledgehammer.

Volunteers took turns at hammering one of the glass panels while crowds stood around on the bridge to document the event. Over 150 hits to the glass panel were recorded.

Before the sledgehammer test, operators had driven a Volvo XC90 carrying five adults over the glass sky walk as a warm up. The bridge remained in tact.

“There are three layers of the glass. Each are five centimetres thick. Previous tests have showed that the panels are able to bear loads of over 100 tonnes,” said glass manufacturer, Li Gang.

Source: Youtube