Panasonic unveils car charger that moves to find better connection

Panasonic unveils charger that moves to find better internet connection

The world’s biggest tech conference, CES 2021, is underway and some major unveilings have excited consumers. Panasonic has released a car wireless charger which has a coil that moves to fit your phone better.

It’s frustrating having to plug in your phone when driving, especially if more than one of you need to charge up. Often there is the need to buy extra adaptors and change up your system just to accommodate a simple charge. In addition, charging through your car is not exactly efficient or fast.

Panasonic is planning to change this by improving on tech that is just recently picking up for smartphones, wireless charging.


This update to the standard wireless charger aims to make charging all devices as quick as possible. This means in one car ride, more people can charge their phone to 100% within a relatively short journey.

The improved accuracy aims to avoid the current issue with wireless chargers, that if the phone isn’t sitting perfectly on it, then it doesn’t charge effectively. Rather, the coil emits 15 watts of power which find their way to the conductor and charges in record time.

There is currently no release date or pricing for this product yet.

Picture: Panasonic