Is Your Car Ready for Winter?

Don’t put your road safety habits on the backburner

Right, so we’re at the stage of the year where the seasons have definitely changed. We’re bringing out the knits and the answer to ‘what’s for lunch?’ is often met with ‘soup.’ This all expected, given the time of year, but what about our cars? How do we ensure that we stay safe while on the road during winter?

Tiger Wheel & Tyre have made it really simple.  Take a look at their tips to help make winter driving more of a pleasure this year.

1 Get your power levels up

Have your car battery tested and replaced if necessary. Winter places a lot of strain on tired batteries, so don’t risk getting stranded. Get a jump on a dying battery and replace it before it lets you down. Fun fact: you can get your automotive battery tested for free at your nearest Tiger Wheel & Tyre store.

2 Enjoy the view

Replace your windshield wipers – these can wear away especially fast in the summer thanks to the beating sun. You definitely want to be prepared for winter rainstorms, especially in the Cape regions, or even the odd snow flurry if you call the mountains home.

3 Stay pumped

Check your tyre pressure after the first cold snap, and regularly after that. Cold weather adversely affects tyre pressure, so be warned, your tyre pressure monitoring system might alert you to a dramatic drop in tyre pressure at the first cold spell.

4 Be prepared

Pack an emergency breakdown kit to keep in the boot. Include a space blanket, water, non-perishable snacks, a torch, and a car cellphone charger.

5 Protect your vision

Keep a spare pair of sunglasses in the cubbyhole. Winter sun is no joke and it can be impossible to drive in its blinding glare. That ugly pair of shades Aunt Mavis gave you is perfect to stow in your car in case you leave your stylish pair at home.

There you have it! These five tips are just what we need to make the most of the colder days, while soaking up the warmth of the winter sun. Don’t let the change in season stop you from enjoying this time of year – just be sure to stay safe and follow the road to wherever your next adventure lies.