7 hacks to keep your car clean

It is not always affordable to take your vehicle to the car wash. Get your children to clean the car with you, it is a great way to spend some quality time with them and they can earn a little pocket money too. You don’t need expensive car cleaning equipment or detergents to shine your ride. We have a few tips and hacks to help put the sparkle back into your car.

1. Keep old make up or tooth brushes

The easiest way to get into the air vents and unreachable crevices to dust is with small brushes. Make sure the make up brushes are cleaned properly before using. They make for the perfect little cleaning tools.

2. Use a squeegee to clean pet hair

If you have a furbaby, you know the struggle of keeping your seats free from dog or cat hair. Instead of soaking your seats with water to clean it away, fill a spray bottle with water then spritz the seat down and use a squeegee to wipe it away.

3. Freshen up your upholstery

Want to deep clean your cloth car seats? Mix a paste of vinegar and baking soda and rub into the upholstery. Rinse away with water and you will not only notice a huge different in the look, but it will also eradicate odours from your car.

4. Use olive oil on your dashboard

A great trick to keep your dashboard looking shiny is to add a little olive oil to a cloth while wiping. The oil adds moisture to the surface which is less likely to cause cracks.

5. Add cupcake liners to your cupholders

I love this hack, and it really does work. Get silicone cupcake liners for your cupholders. Not only do they collect dust and gunk, they also gather the spill from your drinks.

6. A cereal container bin

If you have children, you definitely need a bin for the back seat. Line a cereal container with a plastic bag and use it as a dirt bin for your car. It’s easy to clean, reusable and will keep the trash in one place.

7. Get rid of bugs splatters easily 

Don’t damage your paintwork by scrubbing or scratching out bugs from the bonnet. Instead, spritz on a layer of cooking spray then wait a minute and wipe away with a soft cloth. Easy peasy.


Picture: Pixabay