8 podcasts to binge on your next road trip

8 podcasts to listen to on your next road trip

Road trips might conjure fantasies of hours-long sing-a-longs but in reality after a while you’d rather just sit in silence and focus on the road. When this happens, it’s the perfect time to switch to a podcast.

Podcasts can cover a variety of topics so there is likely to be at least one that captures your interest. They can range from informative news analysis, to in-depth interviews or hilarious stand-up comedy.

We’ve pulled together some recommendations so you don’t have to start from scratch for your next drive. All of these can be found on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Lesser Known Somebodies 

This South African podcast has comedian Simmi Areff interview some of South Africa’s most interesting people. Unlike a standard interview that just gives you the basics, Areff gets in on the lesser-known parts of his subjects and makes it entertaining while he does.

History Chicks 

History is written by men and so your Matric syllabus probably overlooked some of the greatest achievements by heroic women. This award-winning podcast takes a deep dive into the lives, challenges, and successes of some of these impressive women.

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard 

Much like Lesser Known Somebodies, this American podcast by actor Dax Shepard is all about the interview. Shepard takes well-known people and really dives into their lives and discovers how underneath all the glamour, most celebrities are normal people living messy lives. From Matthew McConaughey to Yuval Hariri, the pool of subjects is wide.

My Only Story

Past it’s headline-grabbing moment, the dark investigation outlined in My Only Story is worth a listen from beginning to end. It is a first hand account by Deon Wiggett  of the abuse he suffered at the hands of Willem Breytenbach, a former News24 executive and teacher. It includes Breytenbach’s history as a sexual predator.


iWeigh is a podcast all about acceptance and removing the shackles of societal expectations on our bodies. Jameela Jamil speaks to different people about their experience with body shaming, how they worked through past vulnerabilities and where they are on their journey. It is an eye-opener and well worth the listen.

True Crime South Africa

True Crime is a huge podcast genre and, while gruesome, crime fans will appreciate this local spin. The hosts take a look into South African true crime stories, from those that made headlines, to lesser-known unsolved mysteries. Not for the faint-hearted.

Show Me the Meaning 

Movie-lovers this one’s for you. Show Me the Meaning is a podcast hosted by Wisecrack which takes a roundtable deep dive into popular movies and what they really mean. Pulling from official interviews with the directors and actors, some personal interpretations and even philosophy, the participants try to decode a variety of films. It’ll definitely get you thinking and watching movies more critically.

The Daily

The New York Times knows how to make a podcast! The Daily is the newspaper’s daily podcast which takes a look at one specific topic. While often US-focused, as that is where they are based, big headline news creeps in as well. From expert interviews to soundbites from those who are at the events being covered, you won’t go away from an episode without being fully informed.

Picture: Pexels