Crush old cars with army tanks at the UK’s ‘Rage Yard’

Crush old cars with army tanks at the UK's 'Rage Yard'

If this year was just too much for you, you can vent your frustrations at a junk yard in the UK called the ‘Rage Yard’.

Here, visitors can shoot at, blow up or even obliterate old cars with an army tank.

Scrap Car Comparison, a website that offers sellers of old cars the best price alternative, together with tank rental agency Tanks-A-Lot have created the ultimate destruction site.

“We thought as the year draws to a close, what better way to unleash all your 2020 angst than by taking it out on scrap cars. Our Rage Yard experience provides you with the chance to (safely) shoot scrap cars, before trampling over them in a huge armoured tank,” said Dan Gick, managing director of Scrap Car Comparison. 

“The cars are heading to the scrap heap anyway, so after the year we’ve all had, it made sense to offer this exhilarating experience that should help people let go of their built-up frustrations from 2020 and in turn, feel a bit more calm and serene as we enter the new year”.

Customers can also take aim and fire at cars with shot guns.  They can also get into a 56-tonne Chieftain battle tank (“as seen in Fast and Furious 6,” the website promises) and drive over an scrap car. If that’s not enough for you, you can blow a car up in true action movie style, walking away with the rubble going up in flames behind you. Slow motion, of course.

Take a look:

Picture: Screenshot from video