Traffic police resort to ‘walk a straight line’ to catch drunk drivers

Traffic police resort to 'walk a straight line' to catch drunk drivers

Drunk drivers beware, even though breathalysers are not permitted during the COVID-19 pandemic, you won’t get away with it.

The traffic department is resorting to old fashion techniques to test drunk drivers, and these will include walking a straight line and balancing on one leg. Further to this, officers will be permitted to record drunk drivers performing sobriety tests to be used in court as evidence.

All national routes will see an increase in traffic police presence to avoid accidents, so don’t get caught with alcohol in your system.

When are you above the legal alcohol limit?

– Your blood may not have an alcohol content of more than 0.05% and even a “small drink” could push you over the limit.

– More than 350ml of beer or a single tot of brandy or another spirit might be over the limit.

– It is good to note that alcohol remains in your system for up to 8 hours after you have consumed it.


Picture: Pixabay