Jaguar unveils new virtual car for racing game

Jaguar unveils new virtual car for racing game

Car enthusiasts are now able to virtually drive Jaguar’s new electric supercar, the Gran Turismo SV. The British manufacturer unveiled the car designed for PlayStation game Gran Turismo on Wednesday, December 16 and many hope it’s a sign of things to come.

The futuristic vehicle can produce 400kW and 3250Nm of torque, equaling a potential 0-97km/h acceleration in 1.65 seconds and a top speed of 410km/h in real life, according to Motoring. 

To bring the race car to life, Jaguar has even gone as far as to build a full-scale physical concept model. Take a look:

Gamers will have to be patient, though as it is unclear which version of the game this car will be available in. It will also only be released in 2021, and some expect that it may only be accessible in Gran Turismo 7, coming out for the PlayStation 5.

Picture: Screenshot from video