Honda recalls US vehicles over safety concerns

Honda recalls US vehicles over safety concerns

Honda is recalling 1.4 million of its vehicles in the United States as a result of safety concerns.

Those being recalled include 2002-2006 model year CR-V vehicles to replace power window master switches. This issue has been linked to 16 fires as a result of the fault, according to TimesLive.

Also being recalled are the US 2018-2020 Accord, Accord Hybrid and 2019-2020 Insight vehicles. A programming flaw in the Body Control Module software has been linked to a malfunction with some warning lights and other automatic functions.

Two more recalls are being undertaken for vehicles in US states with significant road salt use as a result of possible driveshaft corrosion. These cover 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid, 2007-2014 Honda Fit, 2013-2015 Acura ILX 2013 Acura ILX Hybrid and 2013-2015 Honda Accord vehicles.

“While the ultimate end result may be the same—a corroded and potentially broken driveshaft—the root causes or identified defects behind the corrosion are a bit different, prompting two different recalls,” a Honda spokesperson told Car and Driver.

Picture: Honda