Benefits of an advanced driving certification

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Being a good driver is one thing but having an advanced driving certificate is another. There is always room for improvement when it comes to being a driver.

In terms of safety, an advanced driving course will help you hone in on the skills you may already have, essentially fine-tuning them to ensure you are on the ball more so than what an ordinary driving licence provides.

There are a number of advanced driving courses you can do in South Africa, so long as you have your drivers licence. An advanced course in 4×4 skills or hijack prevention are some of the options available.

“An advanced driving course instils confidence you never thought you needed as you learn to handle things in a more knowledgable and controlled manner,” said Supa Quick, South Africa’s expert tyre company.

The benefits one gets from an advanced drivers course include:

  • Improved driver confidence: Drivers with an advanced certification become more knowledgable on how to handle certain situations and are therefore more controlled and confident on the road.
  • Improved fuel efficiency: An improved driving style and a real understanding of your car can help reduce fuel consumption as certain driving behaviours, like harsh and rapid acceleration, are mitigated.
  • Less risk of crashing: An advanced driving course makes you more alert and competent and can play a huge role in road safety.
  • Insurance premium reductions: An advanced driving certificate will most likely be recognised by most major car insurance companies. If you complete a course hand the certificate to your insurer to reevaluate your profile.

Popular Advanced Driving Schools in South Africa include:

  • Adrenalin Specialised Driving
  • AMG Driving Academy
  • BMW Driving Experience
  • Ford Driving Skills for Life
  • Toyota Advanced Driving Courses
  • VW Driving Academy

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