Drivers with outstanding fines to be stopped over the holidays

Drivers with outstanding fines to be stopped over the holidays

Drivers who have outstanding traffic fines will be stopped on their journeys over the festive season as roadblocks are set up across the country.

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) explained that they are stepping up their December holiday roadblocks and checks as people hit the road for their holidays away.

According to BusinessTech, the RTMC has already begun this process, setting up 128 roadblocks so far, stopping 71,328 vehicles and issuing 56,805 traffic fines.

“The Road Traffic Management Corporation advises all motorists to check if they have any outstanding traffic fines before embarking on their festive journeys.

“Traffic officers are being deployed on all major routes and those found with outstanding traffic fines will not be allowed to proceed.

“Traffic officers will also be deployed at various locations nationwide to deal with inconsiderate reckless and negligent driving, speeding, drunk driving, roadworthiness and overloading,” said the RTMC in a statement to the public.

How to check for your outstanding traffic fines 

If you would like to check if you have outstanding fines there are two ways to go about it. You can call the traffic section of your provincial government to ask them to look up any fines in your name. Otherwise you can send a query through the AARTO query page. 

How do I pay my fines? 

You can pay your fine in multiple ways including:

  • Cheques and postal orders should be made out to your town or city
  • Payment can be made online at Paycity
  • Payment can be made in person at the traffic department

Picture: @NNMampane1/Twitter