Electric vehicles outsell petrol cars in Norway

Electric vehicles outsell petrol cars in Norway

2020 was the year in which electric vehicles (EVs) officially outsold combustible-fulled cars in Norway. A total of 54.3% of new car sales were for EVs, which is an increase from 2019’s 42.1%. This also marks the first time in the country’s history that fully electric vehicles have made up the majority of the new car market.

Norway’s EV sales now make up more than 10% of Europe’s as a whole. The country also claims a similar advantage over the UK, where EVs comprise just 6.6% of new car purchases.

A key driver of Norway’s EV sale increase has been demand for Volkswagen Group EVs. Within this group, Audi’s E-tron and E-tron Sportback models were the most popular. Overall, EVs accounted for 76 789 of 141 412 new cars in 2020.

Volkswagen’s ID 3 electric hatchback was the third most popular car, with 7754 units sold.

The rapidly increasing popularity of EVs in Norway has been attributed to the country’s generous tax breaks for zero-emission cars.

In 2020, 108 205 fully-electric vehicles were registered in Britain. Although this is just 6.6% of all new car sales, it is a substantial increase over sales of the same cars in 2019.

That year, EVs made up just 1.6% of UK new car sales, with 37 850 finding buyers.

Picture: Unsplash