Finland’s Nokian creates ‘long-life’ tyres

Finland's Nokian creates 'long-life' tyres

Finnish tyre producer Nokian has released a new tyre that is guaranteed to last for up to 129,000km. That is a whole lot longer than the recommended 40,000kms for an average tyre.

They are available in 70 different sizes for 14-20-inch rims and contain fibres that are normally found in bulletproof vests, according to Motoring. 

The tyre, called Nokian One, is aimed at the US market and is said to be an “all-season” tyre, meaning users won’t have to change their tyres from Summer to Winter as some parts of the US that receive heavy snow are known to do.

The company even has a ‘Pothole Protection Warranty’. “We are so confident in the Nokian Tyres One that we are providing a Pothole Protection warranty to drivers who purchase the tire. If a road hazard damages the tire beyond repair, Nokian Tyres will replace it at no cost,” the website states. 

The Nokian One also has a ‘Driving Safety Indicator’ on the tread to indicate the amount of tread remaining. (Tread patterns on a tyre displace water so that the tyre keeps contact with the road in wet or icy conditions).

Nokian has not released the price range yet.

Picture: Unsplash