How lockdown Level 3 affects motorists

South Africa is back on lockdown Level 3 as of December 29, bringing new rules and regulations with it. Here is how motorists and public transport users are affected.

The curfew:

Every person is confined to his or her place of residence from 9pm until 6am daily, except in areas declared a hotspot, unless a person

– has been granted permission through directions by the relevant Cabinet member or a permit, which corresponds with Form 7 of Annexure A, to perform a service other than a service related to an activity listed under Table 2

– is attending to a security or medical emergency.

Any person who fails to abide by the curfew commits an offense and is, on conviction, liable to a fine or a period of imprisonment not exceeding six months. or to both such fine and imprisonment.

Public transport:

Rules for public transport have remained unchanged. Taxis and buses may carry 100% of the licensed capacity for any trip not regarded as long distance travel. A driver, owner or operator of public transport may not allow any member of the public who is not wearing a face mask to board or be conveyed in a public transport owned or operated by him or her.

Long-distance (a trip of 200 km or more) taxis and buses may operate at 70% loading capacity, and the Department of Transport is considering a proposal to allow long-distance bus and taxi drivers to complete their journeys even if it falls within curfew hours for the first few weeks of January as citizens head back home after their holidays.


The 18 land borders which were partially operational, will be fully operational and the 34 land borders which were closed, will remain closed except for the Kosibay Port of Entry which reopened on January 1, 2021.


While the transportation of liquor to ports for export purposes and from manufacturing plants to storage facilities is permitted, no one may transport liquor to sell, dispense or distribute it to customers.


The Department of Transport has extended the validity period for learner’s and driver’s licenses, vehicle licences, professional driving permits, operating licences, accreditation certificates for tourist services. Licences that expired between March 26, 2020 up to December 31, 2020 will be deemed valid until August 31, 2021.

Picture: Unsplash