How to report the conditions of South Africa’s roads

How to report the conditions of South Africa's roads

The festive season is the time of the year when South Africa’s roads experience their most wear-and-tear. While President Cyril Ramaphosa has recommended that locals not travel across province’s to visit friends and family this year, a fair number of people still travel for work.

For some, this means inter-provincial travel in the form of driving.

There are three kinds of roads: national, provincial and local.

These roads are built and maintained by different bodies, and here is how to contact the relevant bodies to report any adverse road conditions:

Provincial roads

The Road Network Management Chief Directorate of the Department of Transport and Public Works is responsible for building and maintaining provincial roads.

To report problems on provincial roads, you can contact your Regional Road Maintenance Office.

National roads

The National Roads Agency is responsible for national roads. For information on the current condition of national roads click here.

Local roads

The relevant municipality is responsible for local or municipal roads. For information on roads within the City of Cape Town, click here.

Picture: Pixabay