New Toyota Fortuner will be unveiled in 2022

New Toyota Fortuner will be unveilled in 2022

A third-generation Toyota Fortuner is slated to be unveiled in 2022. This comes a year after the second generation received a mid-life upgrade to a 2.8 GD-6 turbodiesel engine.

In an announcement to Autocar India, Chief Engineer Yoshiki Konishi said that the new model, which is based on the popular Hilux, will feature a revised electronic and electrical (ENE) architecture with numerous upgrades. The current model’s hydraulic power steering will be absent in the upcoming vehicle.
“In the near future, we would like to introduce EPS (electric power steering), which will make the vehicle easier to drive,” said Konishi. “If we introduce EPS, we will need a big change in the electronic platform. We will introduce electronically-controlled VSC (vehicle stability control) technology into the next Fortuner.”
The new model will also feature improved connectivity features, greater digitisation, and an advanced driver assistance system.  The body-on-frame construction will remain unchanged.

“The Fortuner is built body-on-frame, which is one of its core concepts. We have no plan to change that. Customers who use the SUV off-road need the current body-on-frame (construction),” Konishi said.

The brand also plans to introduce high-efficiency powertrains on our Fortuner, depending on the region.

Picture: Toyota