Nissan builds sports car you drive while lying face down

Nissan builds sports car you drive while lying face down

Nissan’s latest concept car takes futuristic to a whole new level.  The Nissan GT-R (X) 2050, has the driver lying down to drive, with their head at the front of the car.

According to Fox News, a former intern at Nissan Design America pulled together this fascinating car. Jaebum ‘JB’ Choi, has the driver lying on their stomach with their head on the front axel and hands and feet at each wheel. Understandably, the driver is required to wear a special suit which includes a helmet which connects the brain to the vehicle.

The concept is clearly somewhere along the lines of Iron Man meets a car as with all the plugging in, this vehicle is more armoured suit than transport. At 3-metres long and just over half a metre tall, it is much smaller than any traditional vehicle.

Choi sketched the original designs of the car when he was a student and it was ultimately this forward thinking sketch that secured him the internship with Nissan Design America. While there he was able to create the full-scale model.

The car is unlikely to come into production anytime soon if ever, it is more a work of motor art than a functional form of transportation. But it’s a great glimpse into the passion and creativity of future car designers.

Picture: Nissa USA/ Twitter