The names these celebrities have given their cars will make you rethink your own car's pet name!

Think “Kinky Kylie” or “The Beast”

Cars can be very precious to people and so we give them names. But, have you ever wondered what celebs name their million dollar motors? Well we found out and here is a list of our top 10!

1. Beyonce – Jaguar named Honeybee

2. Cheryl Cole – Audi R8 named Tweed

3. David Beckham – Jeep named Jeepers Creepers

4. Obama – Ford Escape Hybrid named The Beast

5. Lady Gaga  – Rolls Royce named Bloody Mary

6. Peter Andre – Ferrari named Fezza

7.Sebastian Vettel – Redbull racing car named Kinky Kylie

8. Richard Hammond – Land Rover series 1 & 2 named Gertie and Buster
and a 1963 Opel Kadett named Oliver

9. Jools Holland – Jaguar Jet 1 named Jools Holland (not very original)

10. Paris Hilton – Bentley named Lady Penelope (and it’s pink!)


(Source: Confused.com and Celebrity Carz)