What the colour of your vehicle’s exhaust fumes mean

What the colour of your vehicle's exhaust fumes mean

Owning a vehicle often comes with a number of costs that arise aside from repairs and maintenance. Arrive Alive has advised drivers to pay close attention to the colour of their exhaust fumes, as it may be indicative of their vehicle’s engine health.

Here’s how to decode the hues:

Blue/Gray Smoke

Can be caused by:

• Oil leak in the combustion chamber
• Damaged Piston Rings
• Oil Burning

Black Smoke

Can be caused by:

• Blocked Air Filter
• Malfunction in the Fuel Injection system
• Blocked Manifold

White Smoke

Two types: Thin smoke and thick smoke

Thin White smoke is nothing to worry about (especially on cold mornings)

Thicker White smoke can be caused by:

• Cracked Engine Block
• Damaged / Blown Head Gasket

Picture: Pixabay