4 steps to getting the best deal when purchasing a second-hand car

Follow these steps to help get the best deal on a pre-loved car

Nowadays it’s much more common to buy a second-hand car from a private seller. This is due to a variety of reasons, but the main one being that it’s more affordable. The main concern that comes with this though is one of safety – your physical safety and your financial safety – ensuring that you don’t lose money or get ripped off. RCS Car Finance has got you covered, they help you buy a car safely with total peace of mind.

Here are our 4 steps in getting the best deal for you:


Make sure you do the proper research into a couple of makes and models that appeal to you and the prices that they typically sell for. Once you feel like you have a good handle on things then you can take the next steps. RCS Car Finance can take the guessing out of it for you with a selection of quality checked cars and vetted sellers.


Once you’ve decided on a particular car then the trick here is to take your time once again. If you’re not an expert on cars then ask your friend for their opinion – it can never hurt to have more minds on the situation. Or ask an expert like RCS Car Finance to be your friend in this situation – they can help ensure you are getting a good deal and check whether the car is a good car or not?

RCS Car Finance will arrange the necessary checks and tests for you, as well as arrange a test drive for you without you having to meet the seller, through their partners Best Price For My Car.


When it comes time to pay it’s important to have carved out an understanding as to how this is going to happen. You don’t want any nasty surprises when the seller tries to add on extra charges – this is where a digital paper trail will come in handy. If you would prefer not to handle any of this yourself, then RCS Car Finance will take care of it when they finance your car. They engage with the seller and handle the actual transaction.


Simplify the process by having one service provider handle everything for you to save you time. The “stuff” that is part of buying a new car like arranging a test drive, meeting the buyer, applying for finance, completing paper work and then standing in a queue to register your new car in your name all takes time. You don’t have to do this all yourself, let RCS Car Finance handle this for you. Together with their partners Best Price For My Car they handle the finance and the admin to ensure you get a safe, convenient deal all round.

Are you currently looking to buy a car? Do you want RCS to help you find, check and finance your car?

RCS is a registered credit and authorised FSP. NCRCP38/FSP44481

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 lockdown it will not be possible for RCS Car Finance to assess and test a pre-loved car for you or deliver a vehicle. You will be able to start your RCS Car Finance application and see how much finance you could qualify for, and the rest of the safe, easy process will take place at a later date.


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