Helpful ways to save your fuel in 2021

Ways to save your fuel

Petrol prices have officially increased as of January 6, 2021. The price of petrol 93 unleaded is nearly R15 a litre, so understandably you may be wanting to find ways to conserve your fuel as much as possible.

Current fuel price. Source: AA

Dialdirect Insure shared insightful tips on how to save fuel this month and going forward into 2021:

1: Don’t skimp on servicing

If your car hasn’t been serviced regularly, you can risk losing up to 30% more fuel than a car that has received regular services. Engine inefficiency from worn spark plugs, rings, faulty injectors tick breaks, low coolant levels, dirty oil and dirty filters can cause higher fuel consumption.

2: Be wheel wise

Your car’s wheel alignment can affect its fuel consumption. Bad wheel alignment causes more friction which takes more power to overcome and results in higher fuel consumption.

3: Keep tabs on tyre pressure:

Low tyre pressure can increase resistance and cause an increase in fuel consumption.

4: Use your AC sparingly

No surprise here. Your aircon can eat through your fuel as it puts your engine under pressure.

5: Remove unnecessary weight

If your car is loaded with unnecessary items, it’s time for a cleanup. Extra weight can cause your car to consumer fuel faster and if you mainly drive within the city, consider only driving on half a tank of fuel.

6: Slow and steady wins the fuel economy race

Speeding causes more fuel consumption.

7: Avoid stop-start driving

Frequent stop-start driving is heavy on the petrol tank.

8: Gear yourself for efficiency

Driving on the lowest speed while in the highest gear, albeit in line with traffic conditions, helps to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption.

9: Be tech-savvy

If your vehicle has economy settings that optimises performance and to increase fuel efficiency, use them!

10: Plan ahead

More is less. If you can complete several errands in one go versus taking shorter trips, it will limit your mileage and keep your vehicle running at the perfect temperature to optimise fuel consumption.

11: Wait out the rush

Similar to stop-start driving, trying to race through traffic is detrimental to your breaks and your petrol tank.

Picture: Women on Wheels Gallery