How to maintain and safeguard a luxury vehicle

How to maintain and safeguard a luxury vehicle

Every person dreams of owning the luxury car of their dreams someday and with that dream comes the thought of how to keep your investment safe and maintained regularly.

Seeing as Luxury vehicles cost more than regular vehicles, you need to think of its safety. By simply parking your luxury car in a garage does not ensure its safety or keep it maintained.

Did you know?

A simple wipe and a wash with no other protection to your paint are not enough for your luxury vehicle? Sure it looks shiny and clean, but is your paint really protected?

Here are a few simple guidelines on how to maintain and keep your luxury vehicle safe:

First things first, you need to have your vehicle insured with a top of the range package for car insurance. Standard car insurance does not cover nearly enough for a luxury vehicle.

An insurance company will always try to avoid large amounts of money to pay if an accident or crash should occur.

Because vehicle crime and theft are such a major issue in South Africa and I am pretty sure other countries too, it is also advisable to have a tracker inserted into your vehicle.

It provides a chance for vehicle recovery if stolen and with an app downloaded to your phone, you are able to monitor where your vehicle is and if it is safe at all times.

A kill switch or anti-hijacking system could work in your favour. Many of you know what an anti-hijacking system is but what is a kill switch?

When a thief tries to start the car by using other means besides a car key, the device will stop all electric currents from your ignition to the fuel pump, unlike an anti-hijacking system that allows thieves to drive a few km before switching the vehicle off if the button is not pressed in time.

It is easy to install and should be placed in a safe place within the vehicle where it cannot be seen and the same goes for an anti-hijack button.

Your garage:

One of the biggest dangers to your car is moisture as it could cause corrosion damage. Therefore, it is always advisable to park in a fully enclosed garage with enough ventilation to help moist air escape and not just under a carport.

Be sure to do an overall check of your garage. Check for any plumbing or structural dangers and deal with it immediately before it becomes a really big problem.

Safety issues:

Your garage needs to keep thieves out. Burglar bars, as well as an alarm system, could do the trick with of course a higher fence in front and around the house. You could also look at installing a security camera system by the garage.

Interior condition and cleanliness:

Most say you should never eat in your car as it is unhygienic. For those who do, always clean out your interior that same day. Do not leave crumbs, bottles from beverages or boxes from food laying in the car.

Be sure to always wipe your dashboard and door panels with interior polish. This protects the interior from any damage if it stands in the sun for long periods of time.

Servicing and tyre checks:

Services are always important to the performance of a vehicle. Repair and maintenance show the car is loved and cared for. Never miss a service interval, as it could cause bigger issues down the line.

It is also advisable to purchase an extra set of tires when you can afford to instead of waiting for yours to wear out. Terrible tyres in wet weather and any other cause of traction failing could lead to a fatality.

Protecting the exterior of your luxury vehicle:

Many dealerships offer a protection package for minor damages like dents and scratches. It is advisable to get this sorted as soon as you notice it as it could start to rust after a while.

It is always good to get your car sprayed with a ceramic coat. This protects the paint overall. It resists dirt caking into your paint and protects your vehicle against scratches, chips from stones, bird droppings, bugs and more.

After washing your car, a good wax should do the trick in an even better everlasting shine to your paint.

Picture: Pexels